The Stichting FSC Garantiefonds
Did you book a sailing trip, and do you need to make a down payment? In that case you will want to make sure that your down payments are secure. The Stichting FSC Garantiefonds (Guarantee Fund) offers a guarantee to the traveller who has booked a sailing trip with one of the affiliated participants. All members are insured for financial insolvency, as far as this trip is covered by the Pakketreisregeling (Package trip arrangement) (Directive EU 2015/2302) and the participant is affiliated to the Frisian Sailing Company BV.

In case of financial insolvency of one of the affiliated companies, FSC Garantiefonds ensures that your sailing trip will continue with a different boat or that down payment for the rental price will be reimbursed. Are you already on your way back? Then we will make sure that you will get back a proportional share of the rental price. The trip back will also be taken care of.